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From Ocean Avenue Gas Station to Mixed-Use Development

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[Shatara Architects]

The gas station at 1490 Ocean Ave near City College is set to get a new life at tomorrow's Planning Commission hearing, as the site is slated for a new mixed-use development. Proposed in its place is a 45' four-story corner building with 15 condo units and 4,356 sq.ft. of ground floor retail. Planning is happy the project contains family-sized units—nine 3-bedrooms and six 2-bedroom units. The corner lot is located right at the entrance to the Westwood Park neighborhood (mostly bungalow craftsmans built in the 1920s and 30s), and they're supportive as long as the Westwood Park identification pillar on the site remains. The design from Shatara Architecture exudes a certain suburban Tuscan vibe—Planning calls it "neo-traditional"—but the neighbors and the Planning Department both give it the thumbs up, so it should be a stress-free hearing for all parties.
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