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Let's Get to Know BART's "Fleet of the Future" Project

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BART has revealed the latest developments and renderings of its "Fleet of the Future" Project, which will replace nearly 700 outdated rail cars that, as BART's website humorously points out, were built back when "Atari was releasing its seminal video game Pong." So, what does the Future look like? Picture 45% more cars featuring LCD screens that display system maps and "other helpful information," more standing room, bike racks, and (oh la la!) wipeable seats.

The new Fleet is in currently in design and engineering phase under the direction of Bombardier Transit Corporation, which anticipates that the first test cars will hit the tracks in 2015 and launch into service in 2017. In the meantime there's a slew of prototype displays and feedback sessions on the calendar, so stay tuned. - Laura Tepper

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