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Noe Valley Town Square Project Getting Closer to Reality

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[Photo: Noe Valley Town Square]

If all goes well at today's Board of Supervisors meeting, the Rec and Park department may soon be the proud owner of the existing surface parking lot (and home to Noe Valley Farmers Market) at 3861 24th Street. Currently owned by the nearby Noe Valley Ministry, the church wanted to sell the lot to use the proceeds from the sale for a much needed renovation, so neighborhood groups worked with Supervisor Wiener to facilitate the sale. As previously reported, the Noe Valley Town Square project at 24th & Sanchez Streets will convert the lot into a community open space designed by CMG Landscape Architects with gardens, seating, a portable stage, and outdoor movie screen.

Design is still in the preliminary stage and will continue with community outreach once the sale goes through, but fear not Noe Valley-dwellers - the farmers market will definitely remain.

[Photos: Noe Valley Town Square]
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