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Martin Macks in the Upper Haight Wants to Keep Parklet

The ongoing saga of one Upper Haight parklet continues. The parklet outside of Martin Macks was installed in 2011 and went downhill when the the previous owners were using it as an extension of the bar, even though they weren't allowed to. The parklet's removal is up for approval, but the current owners now want a chance at restoring it to its sort of formal glory. "I think it would be crappy to let it fail," said Sean MCNeal, general manager of the bar. "It's a pilot program, everyone in the nation is looking at us, and we don't want to be the one to turn it back into parking." Unfortunately some neighbors think the parklet is an eyesore and want it removed. "When it was constructed it was not well received in terms of appearance. It was not a very inspired design and it's kind of ugly," said Ted Loewenberg, president of the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association. The world's first parklet was installed right here in San Francisco in 2010. As of January 2013, 38 parklets have been installed throughout San Francisco.
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