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SFMOMA Closes, Breaks Ground on Expansion Project

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With nothing remaining of the old Fire Station #1 but a pile of rubble, the SFMOMA expansion project is officially underway. The Snøhetta-designed expansion and remodel, coming in at a whopping $610 million, will add 225,000 square feet, more than double the existing gallery space and 6 times the public space. Features will include an outdoor terrace, sculpture terrace, and state-of-the-art conservation studios. The new building will create space for the Fisher Collection, donated by Gap founders Doris and Donald Fisher, and is seeking LEED Gold certification. A modern fire station was built down the road in order for the museum to expand onto the adjacent parcel.

The museum officially closed on June 2, and will remain that way for roughly 2.5 years while under construction, but there are still many opportunities to experience the art collection through the SFMOMA On the Go program. There is also a video synopsis of the expansion project here.

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