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The Five Greatest Quotes from Unhappy TripAdvisor Reviewers

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"You suck Chancellor Hotel on Union Square." - THE WORST HOTEL EVER

"remove the attractive bedspread and 2 designer pillows and you'll see it for what it is--an old run-down hotel with dirty old carpet, a trailer park television and a street-view of hooker central near the entrance to the hotel." - Cockroach Motel meets International Youth Hostel

"When we asked the front desk about a good place to eat in San Francisco, the mecca of good restaurants, we were told to go to the hotel's on-site DENNY'S." - Don't take this Dump

" could anyone give this hotel an excellent, above average or even average rating... Who are you people?" - I Just Wanted To Cry

"When i checked in even the girl that works there felt sorry for me because the whole floor smells like pee." - hotel des crap
Compiled by Dylan Pilaar