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San Francisco's Most Mind-Blowing Outdoor Hotel Amenities

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? No matter the location, swimming pools are fantastic places to relax and enjoy the day. Not only does the roof deck at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway have a pool, it has one from which swimmers can admire the entire eastern half of San Francisco. While the hotel tower located behind the pool may not be an architectural masterpiece, it no doubt serves as a great windbreaker.

? Hotel Del Sol in the Marina has a central courtyard with a heated pool that's open year round. Like the hotel, the courtyard's pet friendly, so bring along your furry friend. Want to play hooky from work? There's also free poolside WiFi.

? Hotel Vitale on the waterfront has a delightful outdoor patio and aromatherapy garden off its Americano restaurant, which is crammed with people on a sunny afternoon. If you're looking for a little more R&R we suggest heading upstairs to the indoor/outdoor Spa Vitale, which features rooftop soaking tubs.

? The Fairmont's Rooftop garden is an unexpectedly quaint oasis that sits 100 feet above busy Powell Street in Nob Hill. Framed by stately palm trees, the space is organized around a central fountain that masks most of the noise from the streets below, save for the occasional clanging of the cable cars. While the fountain and palms are lovely, the views of the city skyline are what make this space truly great.

? Hotel Phoenix has long been a favorite of rock n' roll greats, who have no doubt spent plenty of time jamming by the pool under the palm trees. The Phoenix is a little slice of paradise in the heart of the Tenderloin, which on a sunny day will almost have you thinking you're in Palm Springs. Almost.

? The quiet roof terrace at the Galleria Park Hotel is ideal for those who want to hunker down on a bench and read a book, or simply prefer to be surrounded by flora and fauna rather than concrete and asphalt. For the more active set, the terrace is equipped with a jogging track. The whole outdoor space is pet friendly.

? Guests who visit the Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf central courtyard will find what they're looking for when they think of stereotypically sunny California: a great big outdoor pool, a hot tub, and plenty of lounge chairs.
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