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Chipotle Gets Denied; New Mission Bay Parks; Food Truck Rules; More!

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Welcome to Curbed's new series City Hall Roundup, where we follow-up on the Board of Supervisor and Planning Commission votes of the week. We sit through the hearings so you don't have to. Did we miss an item you're curious about? Let us know in the comments!

New regs for food truck madness got the unanimous BOS approval [Photo: WarzauWynn]
CASTRO: The much debated Chipotle project looking to move into the old Home space on Market was denied by the Planning Commission yesterday. Reps from Chipotle waxed poetic on their business models, but after an hour of negative public testimony the commission voted 5-1 against the project, instead wishing for a sit-down restaurant that provided an "experience" instead of a "grab-and-go" service. Side note: some commissioners think in the future the site should be developed as a mixed-use high-density project.

CITYWIDE: Sup. Wiener wrapped up a two year effort to modernize how SF regulates food trucks. Calling trucks part of SF's "cutting edge food scene," the unanimously approved regs hope to end conflict between trucks and brick and mortar restaurants.

MISSION BAY: The new Mission Bay park "P10" got a unanimous thumbs up from the Supes this week, creating a new open space in the roundabout along Mission Bay Circle and Mission Bay Drive and creating infrastructure to handle the housing explosion happening in the area.

CITYWIDE: The Supes calendered a hearing on June 25 to get the lowdown on assessment costs for inspection and repairs to blighted properties. They basically want to know how well the Community Preservation and Blight Reduction Act is working.