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Fisherman's Wharf Gets a New Main Drag with Jefferson Street Overhaul

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[Photo by Aaron Bialick via SF Streetsblog]
The main drag at Fisherman's Wharf is halfway to a full-on makeover with the classic goals of making it a friendlier stretch of road for walkers, bikers, and businesses through a series of design and traffic changes, collectively known as the Jefferson Streetscape Improvement Project. Yesterday, an obligatory ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the completion of Phase 1 of the Project, which gussied up the two blocks between Hyde and Jones up with the works: giant sidewalks that have doubled in size, new lighting, fancy paving crosswalk bulbouts, planting, and major changes in traffic flow.

The big, moderately controversial move converted Jefferson to two-lane, two-way street between Powell and Hyde. Hyde Street saw the same change between Jefferson and Beach. Eventually the improvements should extend the entire length of the Jefferson from Aquatic Park to Powell Street, as part of the larger vision laid out in the Fisherman's Wharf Public Realm Plan. The City pushed hard to get the project done in time for the kick-off of the America's Cup beginning next month, but the next phases of implementation are yet unfunded, so don't look for the complete street anytime soon.

UPDATE: The design of the street proper was a collaboration between the City and ROMA Design Group. Denmark's Gehl Architects contributed to a "Public Space, Public Life" study of Fisherman's Wharf, which informed the project, but had no direct involvement with the design process for Jefferson Street.

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