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Bernal Heights Centenarian Gets Listed for $929K

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Check out 225 Montcalm Street if you're looking to buy on the North Slope of Bernal Heights. The 4-bed, 2-bath, 1,475 square foot single-family abode just hit the market asking $929,000. Location highlights include being within walking distance of Precita Park and Bernal Hill, and having views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Twin Peaks. The home's undergone a renovation, so while it looks its 113-year-old self on the outside, the interiors have been worked on and glossed over to meet a modern family's modern needs. That means that there's stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a slate garden patio in the backyard. Bonus points: there's an undeveloped attic space and brokerbabble tells us that "plans have been drawn for expansion."

· 225 Montcalm [Coldwell Banker]