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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour the San Francisco's rental listings to see what your monthly rent will get you across the city. This week, we're investigating apartments listed for $3,500. Although we showed you last month that the median price for a two-bedroom apartment is $4,000, we've found some interesting two-bedroom listings for less.

? We'll start off in Pacific Heights, a classically expensive neighborhood. Here you can still find a real two-bedroom—one that could actually work for roommates, as each bedroom will fit a queen-size bed—for $3,495 per month. The building is large and does not offer parking, but it does have laundry on-site. The living room and kitchen look small but charming, and have nice finishes—including a dishwasher.

? In Cole Valley, you can save on a two-bedroom with this quirky unit, currently listed for $3,295 per month. The kitchen is tiny and enclosed in the middle of the apartment, but the appliances are new. The ceilings are high – even allowing for a lofted sleeping area in one of the bedrooms – but the windows are sparse and small, so it may end up feeling like a cave – albeit a nice one.

? If you can stretch your budget to $3,595 per month, you can get two bedrooms and two full bathrooms in the Inner Richmond. Despite the hideous model furniture, the perks of living in this under-valued neighborhood are luxurious: a chef's kitchen (just look at that Viking range!), two Jacuzzi tubs, in-unit washer and dryer, and parking.

? In the Mission, you can find this updated but charming two-bedroom for $3,400 per month. The kitchen lacks counter-space but includes a dishwasher and gas stove. Same deal in the bathroom: no storage or counter space, but nice new tile. The biggest perk is the in-unit washer and dryer, but the biggest draw-back is probably noise: it's close to the freeway, and has what looks like scaffolding out the window, so there may be construction noise from other renovations in the building.

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