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$1.599M Gets You a 2-Unit Building on the Vulcan Stairway

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Homes on the Vulcan Stairway don't often come up for grabs, so we thought it best to show you 42-44 Vulcan, a 3-level home that has a lower legal unit. The total square footage is 2,800, and both the main and lower units have two bedrooms and one bathroom. Described as a "magical Victorian" that "shows like an Italian Hillside Villa," we can't deny that this is a highly coveted location. Yes, the house is on a stairway, but it does come with 3-car parking in the back. Property highlights include questionable decor choices and a blue, freestanding fireplace. Asking price? $1,599,000.

· 42-44 Vulcan [Taisch]

Vulcan Stairway

Vulcan Street, San Francisco, California 94114