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Condos and Offices Proposed for South Beach Towers

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With updated plans submitted to the Planning Department, the 50 First Street project is officially back in play. Way back in 2006, the original plan for the site was a cluster of Renzo Piano designed towers, including two at 1,200 feet tall. Then in 2010 plans were changed to three SOM-designed towers, including 266 hotel rooms and a theater. The latest design, which ditches the hotel and theater, calls for two towers: an 850 foot, 59-story office tower and a 605 foot condo tower with 56 floors. Including a proposed rehab of the existing 88 First Street, a total of 605 dwelling units and over 1.2 million sq. ft. of office space is expected. With TMG Partners/Northwood Investors having completed a purchase of the 7-parcel site this week for $122 million, expect to hear plenty more about this project in the near future.
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