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Precita Park Offers Beauty, Memorial in Bernal Heights

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Established in 1894 as Bernal Park, the small, 2-acre green space at the base of Bernal Hill has been known as Precita Park since 1973. The park was renovated in 1969 and then again in 1993. Currently the park is a well-kept and inviting piece of open space. Where it's located: Precita Park is located in Bernal Heights near the northern border of the neighborhood. It's bound by Folsom and Alabama streets to the east/west, and Precita Avenue both north and south.

What it features: The park is mostly a large, rectangular grassy area with some scattered benches for relaxing. The east end has a butterfly garden and a children's playground. The park is also adjacent to several eating and drinking establishments including Hillside Supper Club, Charlie's Deli Café, Precita Park Café, and Harvest Hills Market.

One significant feature of this park is the eye-catching bench placed over a dove-shaped tile walkway. The bench is a memorial to two teenagers who were killed in the park in 1996. It was built from cedar and the metal of melted guns. The 900 tiles of the walkway were hand painted by community members before being installed.

How to get there: Muni bus lines 67, 27 and 12 are your best choice for taking public transportation to the park. If driving, take Cesar Chavez then turn south on either Alabama or Folsom to find park access.

Dogs Allowed?: The rules say "leash only" but on our visit we saw many dogs running free.

Don't miss: A chance to stretch your legs on a warm day. The long, narrow park is perfect for throwing a ball or Frisbee, or playing fetch with your favorite four-legged friend. For those who prefer a more stationary experience the popular cafés and shops encircling the park offer plenty of options for a picnic in the well-kept grass.
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