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Swanky Ritz Carlton Neighbors Appeal Mexican Museum Condo Project Up Before Supes

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The neighbor drama-rama over the Mexican Museum condo project at 705 Mission continues, as an appeal of the environmental review certification has made its way before the Board of Supervisors today. The project includes a new 550-foot tall, 47-story tower to be adjacent and connected to the existing 10-story Aronson Building, including up to 215 residential units, space for The Mexican Museum, office and ground-floor retail/restaurant uses, and 442 parking spaces. Swanky neighbors from the Ritz Carlton condos complained that the project will bring too many people and too much traffic, but the Planning Commission went ahead with the environmental certification anyway. Now an appeal has been filed by various neighbor groups, like 765 Market Street Residential Owners Association, Friends of Yerba Buena, Tenants and Owners Development Corporation, and Yerba Buena Neighborhood Consortium. They've bumped up the complaints a couple notches - too much traffic, too many pedestrians will cause crime (nevermind those active streetscapes), the tower will cast shadows on Union Square and Jessie Square, and the project will mess up the historic Aronson Building (even though the HPC already cleared it). It's all in the hands of the Supes now.
· Appeal of a Final Environmental Impact Report - 706 Mission Street/Mexican Museum and Residential Tower Project (pdf) [SF BOS]
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Mexican Museum

706 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA