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Historic Tenderloin Single-Family Home Lists for $799K

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Did you know there's only four single-family homes in the entire Tenderloin neighborhood? It's true, and 606 Ellis is one of them. It's also in a historic part of the Tenderloin, and a quick call to the Planning Department confirmed that you can't tear it down to build anew. Buy as is, sell as is. We first showed you 606 Ellis way back in 2008 when the 3-bed, 2-bath, 1,635 sq. ft. home was listed for a jaw-dropping $1,188,000. About a year later and with no sale, the home was foreclosed and bank-owned. It showed back up on the market in 2009 asking $618,750, and was quickly price chopped down to $587,815. It sold later that year for $530,000. Now the abode's back on the market and asking $799,000. Readers, think it'll get asking? Let us know in the comments!
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