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Two New Lofts Battle for Your Love

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Imagine you have less than $800K to spend and you're determined to spend it on a loft space near the happening SoMa/South Beach area. How do you pick? Why not throw them in the ring, hand each one a metaphorical weapon, and see which one pleases you more when forced to fight to the death-- because that's right, readers: it's time for Real Estate Death Match, South of Market Loft Edition!

Addresses: 175 Bluxome #214/601 4th St #309
Prices: $679,000/$795,000
HOAs: $408/mo./$370/mo.
Beds, Baths: 2/2, 1/1

? The advantage of 175 Bluxome #214 is the price, first of all, over $100K cheaper than its opponent. We also suspect it may be larger (unconfirmed) with two real bedrooms and two baths. It also includes one deeded parking space and cool courtyard thing in a convenient, walkable SoMa location.

? In the other corner, we have 601 4th St #309. Slightly more upscale, which is perhaps reflected in the price, this one offers a true South Beach location plus a roof deck and a much better closet set up as well as sexier overall appeal. You also get 1-car parking with the unit. It's just 1 bed, 1 bath though, and more expensive than Bluxome. So cast your votes, loft lovers!
Poll results

· 175 Bluxome #214 [Redfin]
· 601 4th St #309[Redfin]