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What's Getting Built at Broadway and Sansome?

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From the Curbed inbox:

Any info on the heavy construction on Broadway between Sansome and Battery? Looks like a new office building in the works. For years this corner has been a vacant lot. Our reader is right, this lot has been vacant for a long time. But it's not an office building set to go up—instead, the lot is being developed by the Chinatown CDC as affordable housing designed by Daniel Solomon. The lot was a former part of the ramps to the Embarcadero Freeway. It's sat vacant ever since that was torn down in 1991. Back in 2006, the Mayor's Office of Housing sold the parcel to the Redevelopment Agency, and the Chinatown CDC project was approved in 2010. The dissolution of the RA was probably what held the project back, but it looks like construction is starting to get underway.

The 100% affordable housing project includes a new eight-story building (though only six stories on the Broadway frontage) containing 75 units and approximately 2,900 sq.ft. of ground floor retail use. The mix includes 10 studios, 36 1?bedroom units, 24 2?bedroom units, and 5 3?bedroom units, complete with a large roof garden. According to the architects, the long site was split into two different design patterns to relate to the neighborhood—a long Port-like "warehouse" near Battery and a more vertical stepped articulation near Sansome. Now that construction has gotten underway, the completion is slated for January 2015.
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