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Neighbors Grumbling Over Street Parking for Mercado Plaza Plan in the Mission

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Conceptual rendering (click to enlarge)
The Mission Community Market is looking to expand their farmers market space on Bartlett Street into a permanent civic plaza, with permanent market stalls, pedestrian lighting, and street greening. Through a 2011 bond, the city has already dedicated $1.6M to pedestrian and public space improvements on Bartlett between 22nd and 21st streets. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

While Bartlett would remain open to vehicular traffic, the work on the proposed Mercado Plaza will require the removal of around 40 metered parking spaces, and (shockingly) some neighbors aren't happy about it. Arguing over the removal of parking is nothing new in San Francisco, and the complaints are the same here – lack of parking will hurt businesses, residents already have to compete for parking spots as is, etc. Ironically the complaints were sent to and posted by car lover Rob Anderson, who waxes poetic himself about the elimination of street parking. The neighbors also aren't thrilled about the market stalls being permanent, calling them "graffiti magnets," and think the city is bowing to private interests. Interestingly enough, the project is sponsored by the New Mission Theater developers as an in-kind agreement for their project that backs up to Bartlett. The Planning Department, DPW, and SFMTA held a meeting last night on the proposed - readers, did any of you attend?
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