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SOMA Grand HOA Sues Builders; NextSpace in Berkeley

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SoMa—SOMA Grand residents have filed a suit against TMG Partners, Webcor, and related partners for faulty construction. The 22-story, 246-unit building was completed in 2009, and damages "in excess of $4M are estimated as a result of construction defects." [Curbed Inbox]

BERKELEYNextSpace, a coworking community, just announced that it has opened its seventh location in Berkeley. NextSpace hooked up with David Gensler of the global design firm Gensler to design the 9,000 square foot space in a historic Wells Fargo building on Center Street. The space includes two conference rooms, 11 offices, 18 workstations and a holistic room where "members who provide acupuncture and massage therapy can offer their services in a quiet and private setting." [Curbed Inbox]

Soma Grand

1160 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103