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BART Shows Bikes Some (Conditional) Love

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A scene from last year's pilot lift of the bike ban
The transbay commute is about to become slightly less inconvenient, at least if you're a biker. The rush-hour ban of bikes on BART is the bane of many commuters' existence, some of whom resort to leaving bikes on either side of the bay to help them finish the journey from Point A to Point B. Thursday evening, their dreams of all-hours access came closer to lasting reality. After a nearly two-hour meeting, BART Directors voted for a five month trial removal of the ban, beginning July 1. They choose not to end the ban permanently just yet, but the option will be on the table again in November after evaluations from the extended trial are in. In the meantime, bikers are urged to stay off crowded cars, escalators, the first three cars of the train and generally avoid alienating other passengers. - Laura Tepper