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Mapping the Average Rental Rate of a One and Two Bedroom in San Francisco

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Back in March, we showed you an infographic which broke down the average monthly rental rate for one bedrooms in some of San Francisco's neighborhoods. Rental site Zumper created the map, and they've just updated it—and created a two bedroom comparison—to represent the current market meadian rents. Readers, are you sitting down? The median price for a one bedroom is $2,764, up $64 from March. The most expensive neighborhoods to rent a one bedroom in are South Beach ($3500), Russian Hill ($3410), and the FiDi ($3350). A few notes:

- Zumper vets all the brokers, landlords and property managers who list on their site, which means they know how to change market rents. It also means that scammers don't get listed on Zumper, so you're not going to see duplications or fake low priced rentals.
- Most units on the current market tend to be newer (read: no rent control) developments built post 1979, sine they experience more turnover. Those units are often renovated and have access to many more building amenities than their rent-controlled counterparts, making them more expensive.

The top three most expensive neighborhoods to rent a two bedroom in are the FiDi ($5800), Marina ($5450), and Cow Hollow ($5400). The least expensive are the Outer Mission/Excelsior ($2460), Outer Sunset ($2525), and Lakeshore ($2640). The top three neighborhoods where you can save the most money per bedroom by bringing on a roommate and going for a two bedroom are the Upper Haight, North Beach, and West of Twin Peaks.

The median price for a two bedroom is $4,000, and the median savings per roommate for a two bedroom is 27.9 percent, or $764 per person.
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