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Special Joint Hearing Will Tackle Shadows, Impacts of Mexican Museum

Tomorrow the Planning and Rec & Park Commissions will hold a special joint hearing to hammer out the details over the 706 Mission/Mexican Museum project. The Handel Architects-designed project, which includes a new 47-story residential tower and rehabilitation of the 10-story Aronson Building, would contain up to 215 dwelling units, a 52,000 sq.ft. museum, and approximately 4,800 sq.ft. of retail. First, the Planning Commission will vote to certify the Final Environmental Impact Report, and judging from some of the swanky neighbor brouhaha over the project, we expect to hear a few last-ditch complaints about traffic and pedestrian congestion during public comments. Then the two commissions will discuss and vote on shadow impacts, since the massive project could increase shadow coverage over Jessie Square and Union Square. The height's already been reduced from the original 520' to 480' in response to Supervisor concerns over shadows (though with penthouse and mechanical bits, the height will cap out around 510' in certain parts). There are a thousand other entitlements and plan amendments to vote on too, but hopefully this hearing will wrap up the five-year-long project and construction can finally get underway.
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