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Choose From Two Parks to Rest While Cimbing Nob Hill

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With a shortage of large parks, the neighborhoods of Nob Hill and Russian Hill can either hope for Francisco Reservoir to be converted to a park, or make due with the abundance of smaller ones at their disposal. Two of these are the very small and little known Broadway Tunnel East Mini Park and Broadway Tunnel West Mini Park, built on land above the entry portals to the Broadway Tunnel. Where they're located: Off Broadway, with the west park between Leavenworth and Hyde, the east park between Mason and Taylor.

What they feature: Both parks are very small and charming. Their combined features include: benches, a grassy area, vegetable garden and shade trees.

How to get there: By cable car, take the Powell-Hyde line to the west park, or the Powell-Mason line to the east park. Both parks can be reached by taking the 10/12 bus lines on Pacific, and walking north one block to Broadway. To reach one park from the other find the really big hill, walk over it.

Dogs Allowed?: Yes, but on-leash only please.

Don't miss: Either of these small parks as an oasis about halfway up each side of the hill. The climb over Broadway, the lowest pathway between Russian and Nob hills (besides walking through the smog-laden tunnel), can be brutal. A place to catch your breath and rest your legs is not to be passed up.
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