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Neighbors Freaking Out About New Crissy Field Public Art

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Mark di Suvero's "Old Buddy (For Rosko)" at its new home on Crissy Field
There's a new collection of giant orange, steel structures down the street from the Golden Gate Bridge and some people aren't happy about it. Today, an outdoor exhibition of 8 large sculptures by artist Mark di Suvero officially begins its year-long residency on Crissy Field, but backlash began almost immediately after the installation was completed last Friday, May 17.

SFMOMA envisioned and funded the installation as part of the off-site programming that will continue its presence in the SF cultural landscape during its 2.5 year expansion project closure. In the exhibition literature, the artist—who immigrated to the U.S. in 1941 by sailing under the International Orange icon—says of his work, "Next to the Golden Gate Bridge, all those pieces that I've done will be miniatures. And I'm glad to be next to a giant like that and to be a miniature."

"Figolu" during installation

It might not seem possible that any sculpture (especially a "miniature") would be large enough to compete with the Bridge, but the iconic views from Crissy Field are decidedly transformed by a foreground populated with clusters of brightly painted i-beams that span up to 50 feet high and 40 feet wide. A heated online conversation and petition are calling for the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and National Park Service, partners on the project, to take down the "shit-on-the-ground, "eye-sores." Given the effort that went into moving the sculptures from around the country, we're not expecting that to happen any time soon. - Laura Tepper

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