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Swimsuit Shopping; Bay to Breakers Costumes; Ethical SF Brands; More!

SAN FRANCISCO—It's that time of year that no one likes to think about: swimsuit shopping season. Never fear, we've mapped out nine shopping spots that will make it a little more pleasant.

EMBARCADERO, TIBURON—We have two wine festivals to look forward to in the Bay Area this weekend, one in the potentially chilly city, on in potentially balmy Tiburon. What will you wear?
SAN FRANCISCO—In light of the recent deaths in Bangladesh at clothing factories, people want to know where and how their garments are being made. Here are nine great ethical options in the Bay Area.

NAPA—The inaugural Bottle Rock Napa Valley music festival went down last weekend, and we snapped some sweet street styles from the flower crown and maxi dress loving audience.

EVERYWHERE—From our Editor's Picks, we've got $6 nail polish that's perfect to kick off you summer, a colorful dress/cover up that will lure you away from always wearing black, and a chic wallet that will keep the craziest lives somewhat organized.

UNION SQUARE—Don't miss the big party at Uniqlo tonight. They're celebrating the launch of their rad new limited edition rocker tees, featuring the likes of The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.