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Inching Closer to Hosting a Super Bowl; 300 Ivy Sales Office Opens

SAN FRANCISCO—It's official—San Francisco has submitted its (Bay Area regional) bid in partnership with the 49ers to host the Super Bowl in 2016/17. Though the actual game would take place at the 49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara, Mayor Lee thinks it'll bring a bazillion bucks to the surrounding area. "There's no better place to play host to the Super Bowl and celebrate one of our nation's greatest sports than right here in the San Francisco Bay Area," said Mayor Lee. "San Francisco has proven over and over again that we know how to host major international events. Hosting a Super Bowl in the Bay Area will bring an enormous economic boost to our entire region and leave a lasting legacy for the entire Bay Area. Not only has the committee raised more than $30 million, but under Daniel Lurie's leadership we are putting 25 percent of it right back into the community where it is needed. I thank the members of the Super Bowl Bid Committee, San Francisco 49ers, Santa Clara Mayor Matthews and San Jose Mayor Reed in putting together the best bid to host the best Super Bowl ever." [Curbed Inbox]

HAYES VALLEY—The sales office for 300 Ivy opened over the weekend. The Baker + Partners-designed mixed-use development will have 23 1-bedroom units, 34 2-bedroom units, and five 3-bedroom bi-level units. It's slated for LEED Certification. A Hayeswire commenter notes that "1bdrm starts at mid $650k, 2bdrm starts at mid $950k, + HOA dues. Studios and 3bdrm townhouses available, but pricing available only upon request." [Hayeswire]

49ers New Stadium

5201 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054