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Sup. Chiu Raises a Stink About 8 Washington's Threat to Sewer System

[Rendering courtesy of Pacific Waterfront Partners]

The drama-laden luxury condo development at 8 Washington now finds itself battling a potential s**tstorm courtesy of its long-time foe, Supe David Chiu. The draw of the 134-unit, 136ft high luxury condominium project relies heavily on its sweet location near the Ferry Building, but it's also situated a cool 6ft away from a pressurized sewer pipeline that handles a quarter of the City's wastewater. A report by the SFPUC back in February warned that the project's construction could threaten both the century-old pipeline as well as two underground vaults and an overflow structure, but according to Chiu the agency did not call enough attention to the risks while the Board of Supes was considering the project. It seems odd that the BoS can't be expected to read the report or the news coverage summarizing it, but that's yesterday's news. In full prosecutorial mode, Chiu asked developer Simon Snellgrove of Pacific Waterfront Partners who would pay for a possible rupture in the infrastructure. The answer, at least after the project is completed, is the future condo owners, for whom Chiu apparently "feels very sorry." The engineering issues are being addressed, but it's anyone's game until the people weigh in at November's election. - Laura Tepper
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