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Market Street Makeover Plans Creep Back into Action

The "Cycletrack" is one of three redesign options for Market Street [image courtesy of Better Market Street]

Remember that long-hyped "Better Market Street" renaissance that was upon us? Yeah, after the series of controversial delays, it's a hazy memory for us, too. Perhaps to assure everyone that there is still movement on the Market Street makeover, the multi-agency city team behind the project announced a new round of public feedback sessions tentatively scheduled for the end of July. At least two public workshops and a webinar will invite the public to weigh in on 3 distinct proposals, all of which will undergo environmental review: a "Shared Lane," similar to the status quo; a "Bikeway" with a dedicated cycletrack; or a hybrid approach that ropes Mission Street into the mix as a bike thoroughfare that allows Market Street to be primarily a mass transit corridor. DPW's Mindy Linetzky explained the this round of public engagement would be "very detailed in looking at specific intersections and public space design options" with a goal of bringing "highlights from all the plans" into play on different parts of the street. The current schedule has construction beginning in 2017, 2 years behind last year's schedule, but we're not placing any bets on the success of that timeline either. - Laura Tepper
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