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UCSF Medical Center Over Halfway Complete

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In the rapidly building neighborhood of Mission Bay the new UCSF Medical Center on Third Street is coming right along. Under construction for nearly 2.5 years, the new center has passed the halfway point, with the outer structure largely complete and interiors underway. The center will be a complex with three hospitals: children's, women's specialty, and cancer. The new hospitals will feature a combination of research and patient treatment, the latter of which "will engage entire families in the healing process, in patient-centric private rooms filled with natural light and surrounded by gardens." The new center will also feature a once controversial helipad, to be built by a minimum of 20 percent San Francisco residents. It will feature multiple sustainable features, including water-conserving fixtures and appliances, storm water collection and treatment for landscaping, variable air distribution and heat-recovery ventilators, and high-performance exterior glazing and shading. The center is also flirting with the idea of installing enough solar panels to divert up to 15,600 tons of CO2 from the air. Completion of the new center is expected in late 2014 with an opening date set for February 1, 2015. -Michael Conrad
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