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The Hamilton's Penthouse is Back on the Market

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We told you about this 3-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,879 sq. ft. Tenderloin penthouse when it first appeared on the market way back in late 2009 asking $4.5M. Pointed out in our original post and still true today, the penthouse overcompensates for location with its decor. Sure, the layout can't be beat and its got some great architectural details (gigantic solarium plus terraces?!)? but the decor still seems to rub us the wrong way, especially in the master bedroom. That said, if you're able to spend $5.25M on a home, you can probably afford a fresh coat of paint. The home came back onto the market briefly in early 2012 asking $5.8M, but didn't find a buyer. Monthly HOA dues are a staggering $3,898 and there's 2-car (tandem) parking in the garage. Dear readers, think this Tenderloin penthouse will finally nab a buyer?

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Hamilton Condominium

631 O'farrell, San Francisco, CA