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Apple's Mothership to Delay Landing

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[All Images Courtesy of Apple] The long-awaited Apple spaceship, aka "Campus 2," is descending into the world of reality (read: budget constraints). The word 'constraints' is used loosely given Apple's ~$137B cash reserves, but it's worth being concerned when a project is $2B over an already arresting $3B budget and construction hasn't even begun. Presumably in response to this development, the timeline for the Foster + Partners-designed project has shifted. Apple told the City of Cupertino (pdf alert!) that the new R&D facility has been pushed into phase two, delaying the Campus 2 move-in date to summer 2016. We offer our consolations to Apple's Cupertino-based army, now facing an even longer sentence in "the current disjointed assemblage of aging corporate facilities." Surely the bucolic, "unified, secure, and private" sanctuary and (as Steve Jobs promised) "best office building in the world" will be worth the wait. - Laura Tepper
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