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What You Need To Know About Selling Your Home: Familiarize Yourself With the Current Housing Market

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It's time to change where you live. Selling may be a decision you're happy about. Or not. Just remember that the process can be as traumatic as a death in the family, so look for support. Be prepared, like any good scout. In one regard, you're lucky- real estate transactions in California are relatively simple. In San Francisco, the current market is encouraging to sellers, with low inventory and heavy competition for listings driving up prices. This doesn't mean though that selling your home is necessarily going to be easy, which is why we offer this refresher course. We recommend you read part one, two, three, and four of Curbed University's buying portion as well, for reference.

Looking Online: The Incalculable effect of the Internet

Spend time looking at properties online. Look at how they're marketed, what the asking prices are, read the brokerbabble and try to discern how close it gets to the truth- because what you're really looking at is how properties are presented. How does what you're about to offer fit in? What formats are the most consumer-friendly? What agents in your area do the best presentation? In internet-mad SF, people shop online.

Go to Open Houses

Visit properties in your target price range and in particular, in your neighborhood. It may give you a more reasonable view of what your property is worth, plus it's a good way to meet Realtors who may act as your seller's agent or bring you a buyer.

Next up, how to find a Realtor.
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