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Alexandria Theater Finally Getting its Chance to Shine

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[Sorry for the crappy image quality - blame the Planning Department's scanner] After a few years of planning, the Alexandria Theater rehab and condo project will finally get before the Planning Commission tomorrow. The proposed project includes renovation of the existing Alexandria Theater building with ground floor retail, a restaurant, and a small movie theater, along with new construction of a four-story mixed-use building on the adjacent parking lot with ground floor retail storefronts, 37 dwelling units, and 122 underground parking spaces. There have been a few iterations of design, but the final version by Elevation Architects has some Spanish/Mediterranean elements to keep it in tune with the neighborhood character. Most people seem pretty supportive - frankly, they just want to see something finally happen at that corner that has been vacant since 2004. Good thing, since wind storms seem to have it out for the Alexandria marquee.
· Conditional Use Application - 5400 Geary Boulevard (pdf) [SF Planning]
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