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Curbed Seeks An Editor in Silicon Valley. Is It You?

That drumbeat you hear? Curbed is, once again, setting its sights on more regional expansion. This time we're looking to get into the game in the South Bay, where "everyone has money," and the market is "madness." That being Silicon Valley. Intrigued? Read on for details on how to apply.

Curbed is looking to hire a resident of Silicon Valley who is, ideally, a self-professed real estate obsessive with a good sense of humor and solid writing and reporting chops. This is a freelance gig with commensurate pay; you'll be able to work from anywhere you want so long as you keep your ear close to the ground for all the best boom time real estate, gossip, and bidding wars intel . If you think you fit the bill, drop an email to with a brief description about yourself and a paragraph or two about why you're interested in the job. If you've got a blog/twitter account/Tumblr, please include a link to it as well. No resumes, please. If we like what we see, we'll be in touch quickly.

And sorry, realtor friends, but we are unable to accept you for this position. Thanks.