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Franklin Square a Goal for the Mission

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Located on a hilltop across from the Potrero Center in San Francisco's Mission district is Franklin Square, a 5.6-acre public park near the Portero Hill border. The popular green area is located in a dense urban section of the city providing a much needed recreation option to locals and visitors alike. Where it's located: on the block bounded by 16th, 17th, Bryant Streets and Potrero Avenue.

What it features: the park features a remodeled playground separated into play areas for younger and older children. There are also grassy areas along the western and southern sides, but the real attraction is the large soccer field at the top with downtown views. It is an artificial turf field bounded by fences and illuminated at night for late-day matches. There are also public restrooms and picnic areas with benches.

How to get there: coming from the east or west the 33 and 22 bus lines will leave you on 16th Street. North or south bus lines include the 27 on Bryant Street or the 9 down Potrero Avenue.

Dogs allowed: leash only

Don't miss: if you are a soccer fan there are many youth and adult league matches on weeknights and weekends, possibly to join, or simply watch a free competitive game. The field is available by reservation only, so if a pickup game is more your thing be sure to plan accordingly. -Michael Conrad
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