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8 Washington Drama Goes Medieval with Dueling Ballot Measures

Just in case opponents attempting to thwart the 8 Washington project by taking it to the November voter ballot wasn't dramatic enough, now the project sponsor will be adding their own competing ballot measure. As you recall, the 8 Washington project will construct staggered towers with 134 units of housing, ground floor retail, and a revamped health club while removing the tennis courts that are part of the current Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club. Opponents to the project submitted a referendum to the ballot measure in an effort to overturn the Board of Supervisors' approval (twice) of a special 136ft height limit for the project, which would be taller than the current 84ft limit along the waterfront. Project sponsor San Francisco Waterfront Partners will have to collect almost 10,000 signatures by July to get their measure on the ballot. 8 Wash hater and Supe President David Chiu was suspicious of the effort, saying "It's not surprising that a developer seeking unprecedented height increases along the waterfront to make half a billion dollars from luxury condos would spend millions of dollars to confuse voters." With the two dueling ballot measures, basically whichever gets more votes would take precedence and render the other measure void.
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