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Your First Look at Villanueva Design's "Penthouse Retreat & Terrace" at the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Villanueva Design gave us a sneak peek today of the firm's design for the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, which is taking place at Herbst Manor in Pacific Heights. Villanueva Design was lucky enough to score the home's "pentroom," which was originally designed for entertaining with a built-in bar and several floor to ceiling mirrors. Designer Karen Villanueva has transformed it into "The Penthouse Retreat & Terrace." Karen told us that she "altered the name of the space from the Pentroom to the Penthouse Retreat for Showcase purposes to attract visitors and evoke a feeling of luxury and serenity. The purpose of the room has also changed from entertaining to relaxation. It is a spa-inspired concept that is intended to to be a multi-functional space for a couple's massage, yoga, or meditation and has a lounge area. I wanted to embrace the views and the quintessential San Francisco fog, so the color palette includes soft hues of gentle greys, whites, neutrals for the paint, furniture and accessories with a grounded charcoal custom stain for the floors." The 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase opens to the public April 27 through May 27, but Curbed goes inside this week for a major photo op. (Just like last year.) For those you don't know, Herbst Manor at 2800 Pacific is a Georgian mansion that was built in 1899 by starchitect Ernest Coxhead. It was listed last year for $12.5M.
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Herbst Mansion

2800 Pacific , San Francisco, CA