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Supervisors Look to Add Market Street Historic District

The Board of Supervisors are on a landmarking role lately, and today they'll vote on the proposed Market Street Masonry Historic District. Proposed back during the Market-Octavia plan efforts, this discontiguous historic district (meaning the buildings aren't adjacent to each other) would include eight post-earthquake buildings on or near Market Street between Van Ness and Octavia. Built between 1911 and 1925, they all represent buildings designed by master architects when permanent structures were built out of earthquake and fire-resistant materials. The Historic Preservation Commission recommended designation back in September, and now the Supes will vote on the historic district. If designated, it'll only cover the exteriors of the buildings, and will be one of 11 Landmark Districts in San Francisco, with the last designated back in 2003 (Dogpatch Historic District).
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