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1401 Market Development Gets a Name

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While the 37-story main tower of the Crescent Heights mega-project at 1401 Market nears topping-out, a rental sign has been hung naming the apartment complex Nema. After a quick look at the tower's website you will see that Nema is short for New Market, a possible attempt at re-branding Mid-Market, the area the buildings currently reside in. There is also a video linked on the site, which you can see after the jump, touting the benefits of this living in that neck of the woods. The video highlights many features of adjacent neighborhoods, such as City Hall in Civic Center, pop-ups in Hayes Valley, and even a park in the Yerba Buena area. Apartments in the 700+ unit development are expected to be available for rent this fall. We'll post an update with size and pricing as soon as the information becomes available. - Michael Conrad

NEMA. NEW MARKET RENTALS. from Crescent Heights on Vimeo.

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1401 Market St, San Francisco, CA