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The City's Best Denim Shops; the Middletons' Coat Maker in Town; Google Retail; More!

SAN FRANCISCO—San Franciscans love their denim, and we've rounded up the 10 best places to go to get your jeans fix (only one of them is Levi's).

SOUTH BAY—Kate and Pippa Middleton's coat maker is coming to the South Bay this weekend, which happens to be where her parents and grandparents are from. She's hosting two trunk shows where you can order her gorgeous tailored coats and jackets.

SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco stylist shares her go-to shopping haunts for your spring wardrobe fix.

EVERYWHERE—This week from our Racked Editor's Picks: $8 conditioner that smells amazing; the perfect low-impact sports bra; and at-home tan for less than $3; and a super-flattering bikini for $60.

SAN FRANCISCO—Google is trying to make like Apple and open cool retail stores. They may need to do something about all those primary colors.

UNION SQUARE—Valentino has taken up renting the former Juicy Couture space. We don't know when the new luxury store will open, but we do know it will be pretty and feature copious spiked rivets.

EVERYWHERE—Racked is searching for the best young (by their own age or that of their company) talent in the design world. Less than two weeks remain to nominate who you think is deserving (even if it's yourself!).

SAN FRANCISCO—Remember that best hoodie ever made from American Giant? It's still sold out, but they released a new line of t-shirts.