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Swanky Multi-unit Victorian Hits the Market

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Looking for a massive Victorian to call your own? 1533 Sutter has just hit the market in all its 1889 Queen Anne splendor. Listed as a two-units "plus a 'housekeeping' unit," the building as currently configured features eight bedrooms and six bathrooms, plus multiple kitchens, living rooms, and four decorative fireplaces. The entry hall and stairs are gor-ge-ous and the living rooms feature some nice detailing like ridiculous inlaid hardwood floors, crown molding, and stained glass, but the kitchens (including the very suspicious one on the second floor with the bedrooms - perhaps it was previously another unit too?) will need some serious updating . There's also that third floor "housekeeping" unit, which is basically an unfinished attic space that will require a lot of imagination and work. The realtor is pushing hard for its potential to reconvert back into a single-family home, but the Planning Department does not take kindly to removal of rental units from the city's housing stock. It's currently listed by the assessor as three units. At $1,975,000, tread lightly and be prepared for battle if single-family conversion is your intention.
· 1533 Sutter San Francisco, CA [Redfin]
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