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Clearing Up Some CPMC Red Tape

Did you really think it'd be that easy? This week amendments to the San Francisco General Code to accommodate the California Pacific Medical Center project is before the Board of Supervisors, but the Land Use and Economic Development Committee is recommending NOT to pass them. What the hell, LUED? We thought everything was hunky dory and kumbayah with the revised CPMC plans? This turns out to be not nearly as dramatic as it seems - last year's previous project incarnation included some General Plan amendments that the Supes had 90 days to vote on, but those were put on hold while battle waged over the CPMC CEQA war. Now that the CEQA issues have been ironed out and everyone feels generally pretty good about the plan moving forward, the 90 day clock has reset?even though those original General Plan amendments have nothing to do with the revised project. The Supes just need to vote not to pass the amendments so a new set can be voted on in June.
· Transcript from April 8, 2013 Land Use and Economic Development Committee [SFGovTV]
· April 16, 2013 Board of Supervisors Agenda [SF GOV]