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Upselling and Downsizing with the Greatest Efficiency

The latest round of micro-apartments offered by East Bay developer Patrick Kennedy takes the notion of the efficiency unit to a new level with a range of origami-like features that purport to make a 290 sf space habitable by 2 people. A reporter from the SF Chronicle, invited by Kennedy to test drive one of the units, might take issue with the use of the word habitable given his comparison of "the apartment of the future" to "the MRI machine of the present." In the 23 apartments at 32 Harriet St. (steps away from the character-laden Sixth Street corridor), the classic Murphy bed is updated to include a dining room table built into its underside, and everything else is likewise multi-purpose, collapsible and just straight-up small. Except for the TV, which is apparently really big. In this apartment you can do it all, just not all at once. Given the dismal state of current rental offerings, Kennedy thinks $1600/month is a fair price for these unglorified dorm rooms, which have already been rented by an undisclosed art school for use as doubles. Next up for Kennedy is an 11-story tiny-apartment building down the street at Ninth and Mission. His is a small world after all. - Laura Tepper
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