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CPMC Compromise Plan Takes Its First Tentative Steps

How many times have we written about the California Pacific Medical Center Long Range Development Plan? We lost count a long time ago. Tomorrow the Planning Commission will get an earful of the revised Development Agreement between the City and CPMC as hammered out over the past year. To recap: CPMC's original expansion plan was appealed over an escape clause in the plan's approvals that if the operating margin stayed negative for two straight years, CPMC would be allowed to close St. Luke's Hospital in the Mission, a hospital that primarily serves low-income patients. After a year of Supervisor hearings and protests, the revised agreement calls for an increase in size of the new hospital at the St. Luke's Campus (from 80 to 120 beds), and a decrease in the size of the new hospital at the Cathedral Hill Campus (from 555 beds to 274-304 beds).

The programming change will cause alterations to the previous designs for the buildings. The height limit for tower on St. Lukes will be raised from 105' to 145', and the Cathedral Hill campus height limit will be reduced from 265' to 230'. No new renderings have been released yet. Plans for a new MOB on the east side of Van Ness between Geary and Cedar Streets, the new expansion building at St. Lukes, and the new Neuroscience Institute at the Davies Campus are all set to remain the same as in the previous plans.

The Planning Commission isn't actually going to vote on the new plan per se, but instead initiate amendments to the General Plan that will allow the Planning department to send out public notice for the subsequent action hearing, which is currently scheduled for May 16, 2013.
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