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Class is Now in Session: Open Thread for Real Estate Questions

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Curbed University delivers insider tips and non-boring advice on how to buy, sell, or rent a home or apartment. Additional questions welcomed to Today's topic: ask a real estate expert!

Are you a first-time homebuyer who's a little overwhelmed by the madness that is San Francisco residential real estate? Or perhaps you're a seasoned pro but have a few questions before you plop your house on the market. We've tapped Bay Area (and San Francisco based) real estate consult Brian Kelly from Zephyr to hang around Curbed for the afternoon and answer your questions about buying, selling, or renting. Brian was a natural choice when picking a real estate pro, as he always gives us the honest truth, even when it hurts. Remember readers, there's no such ting as stupid question! Ask your question in the comments and Brian will answer them in a timely manner this afternoon. The best questions and answers will make it into a new post we'll publish Monday. Let's get this party started!