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You're Never Moving Again: Mapping the Average Rental Rate of a One Bedroom in San Francisco

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[Click the map for a larger view]
Is it happy hour yet? Because we need a drink. Zumper, a new search site for apartment rentals, has released the above inforgraphic which breaks down the average monthly rental rate for one bedrooms in some of San Francisco's neighborhoods. The most expensive one bedrooms are in South Beach, possibly because that's where the majority of the city's luxury residential buildings are. From the infographic (and an email sent to us from Zumper) we learn that Hayes Valley "is in fact marginally more expensive than rival neighborhood, The Mission." We should also note that while the Sunset and Richmond have lower averages than most neighborhoods, both big districts have a low inventory of 1-bedroom apartments, as single-family homes dominate both nabes. The average price of a one bedroom in S.F. is $2,700 (this is based on averaging all of the data points from each neighborhood, not the average prices of the neighborhoods).
· Zumper [official site]