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Magic Alert: Bay Lights Opening Ceremony Tomorrow

Expect blankets and beach chairs appearing early tomorrow anywhere there's a decent view of the Bay Bridge: The Bay Lights Opening Ceremony kicks off at 8:30PM. Locals have already had a taste of what's to come via project test drives, but tomorrow, finally, we can see the finished product. LiveSOMA describes this extravagant public art display, which (belately) commemorates the Bay Bridge's 75th birthday, as a "monumental light sculpture." And indeed, Artist Leo Villareal, well known for his work with LED and other tech-y art creations, has created a 1.8 mile string-- composed from 25,000 individually programmable, white LED lights-- that will illuminate in "complex algorithms and patterns across the western span." In other words, it's gonna be epic. And if you can't get your blanket spread out tonight, keep in mind the opening ceremony will be webcast live as well. Even better: the display will sparkle above the bay for the next two years.
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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Interstate 80, San Francisco, CA 94607