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Potential Polk Street Changes Enrage, Delight Community

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[via SFMTA] Another community meeting was held last night about proposed plans to take away parking along 20 blocks of popular Polk Street to make room for bike lanes. Last night's meeting was hosted by the Community Leadership Alliance and was attended by a few dozen people. The group opposes giving up parking spaces. "We have a big issue with finding parking on Polk Street," said David Villa-Lobos, the group's director. Another resident said that that particular strip of Polk Street is "a mess as it is." That said, there were also meeting attendees who favor bike improvements. "More cyclists coming through means you get more people coming through and spending money," said Marc Brandt. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency was also on the scene, and said the agency will hold its own larger meeting on the design proposals in April or May with hopes of finalizing the plans by this summer.
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