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Doelger Homes Sales Office Looking for Official Landmark Status

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Today the Board of Supervisors will vote to make another San Francisco building an official city landmark. The Inner Sunset's Doelger Homes Sales Office was built back in 1932 for the biggest home developer in the Sunset. Henry Doelger Builder Inc. homes can be found in swaths across the western neighborhoods and Daly City, and the building at 320-326 Judah served as the main office and showroom. And let's not forget the swanky 1932 Art Deco style with a Streamline Moderne horizontal addition dating from 1940.

The Historic Preservation Commission has already blessed the designation, agreeing that its significance comes from its role in the transformation of the Sunset District; the production and consumption of pre?war housing; its nearly two?decade association with Henry Doelger; and its expressive Modern architectural design. Not to mention, there are only 6 modern buildings in the city and 7 buildings the Sunset listed as landmarks, making this a happy addition. The new owners are super supportive of the landmarking, so it seems like a slam-dunk. The Landmark Designation Report has tons of cool photos of the building, including the interior.
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